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Ken WiIber was born in 1949 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. He started his graduate studies in the field of medicine, then he switched to biochemistry but he did not complete his PhD because he could not agree with the materialistic approach of scientific life.

Following his own path he had a strong desire to find integration among the scattered world of sciences, psychologies, spiritual teachings, basically everything that describes one aspect or the other of body, mind, spirit, self, culture and nature. He passionately read thousands of books, till he finally found the proper ways to integrate these systems of Western and Eastern psychology and philosophy, spirituality and science, and what we call left hand (subjective) and right hand (objective) approaches.

His true spiritual longing can be well described with the fact that he read 2-3 books a day, has been meditating on regular basis since the age of 17 and he was only 23 when he published his groundbreaking bestseller book on consciousness, entitled The Spectrum of Consciousness. This work triggered both criticism and great acknowledgement. His consciousness theory integrates the results of Western science, Eastern mysticism and the ancient wisdom traditions, laying the foundations of a new, comprehensive view on consciousness and the world. Since then he published 35 books and a number of essays. Ken met his wife Treya in 1983, at the age of 34, who died of cancer after a few years. He shares their ordeal of the disease with the readers in a deeply touching, personally toned and, at the same time theoretically considerable book Grace and Grit.

At the 1970’s when transpersonal psychology was being established Ken Wilber was an outstanding character of  this movement. However, he grew out from its boundaries and integral psychology has became a discipline on it own since 2000, when he published his book, Integral Psychology. Ken Wilber’s works are nowadays published worldwide and he is considered to be one of the most influential thinker of our age, and the first writer to have his collected works published while still alive. With 25 books translated into some 30 foreign languages, he is also the most widely translated academic writer in the United States. Ken is the internationally acknowledged originator of Integral Theory and founder of Integral Institute.

Nowadays he lives in Denver, Colorado, where he is surrounded by a sparkling, active intellectual community. Integral Theory and it’s applications have basically evolved into a new movement by now around the world. To support, develop and spread Integral Theory Wilber and his colleagues established Integral Institute in 1998. In September 2006 JFK University in California and Fielding Institute of the East Coast were the first universities offering an MA level graduate programs on Integral Theory. In addition, Integral Institute continues to offer a wide range of workshops and seminars in the field.


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