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What we do?

Opening its doors in 2006, Integral Academy is an independent transformative adult education school in Budapest, Hungary, in Central Europe. The mission of the academy is to teach integral theory and practice in a deep and structured manner while supporting people's personality growth to the integral structure-stage. We teach all elements of the AQAL theory: the holon principles, the quadrants, the levels (structure-stages and state-stages), the lines of development, personality types and two special modules: the states of consciousness in more detail and the integral structure of consciousness as an extra "6th" module. In our main modules we teach all major schools of psychology and the spiritual traditions on which Wilber has built the Integral Theory.

We train and certify integral counselor practitioners. This actually embodies Wilber's 2004 vision of training "integral general practitioners".

The uniqueness of our school lies not only in its all-round integral theoretical education but also in its practical nature: its transformative-communal power. We have created a transformational education where besides the systematic in-depth theoretical program students undergo parallel a three-year group psychotherapy process together and two years of integral counselor training within the same group. Here they develop their practical therapeutic skills.

Students are also required to participate in a 2-week silent vipassana - or similar - meditation retreat. They live in an evolutionary and transformative community. As a result of the interplay of three years of progressive theoretical training, therapeutic group experience, meditation retreat and practical therapeutic skills training - their personality develops and unfolds into Wilber's level 6 - an integral structure-stage. We believe that our task today is to promote people's grow in personality through such communities. Thinking might grow in the individual mind but personality doesn't. We maintain that personality grows in community because personality manifests through relationships. Authentic and healing relational we-space practices transform people into more refined, aware, compassionate and subtle human beings that we call level-6 (green-yellow-turquiose) personality.  

We believe this is how we can serve humanity's shift in its center of gravity to grow from post-modernity to post-postmodernity to reach the critial 10% that Wilber predicts for the next few years or decades.  



Bence Gánti
Founder and President

Integrál Impulzus Kft.