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Current programs of Integral Academy

Spiral Dynamics Level II Certification Course with dr. Don Beck, the creator of the model

19-20 May, 2018, Budapest, Pre-conference - IEC
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Joy-Being-Play / Authentic Play performance & taster workshop and 2 day workshop with Angela Halvorsen Bogo

2-4 December 2016, Budapest
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Spiral Dynamics training with dr. Don Beck, the creator of the model

30 April - 2 May, 2016, Budapest, Impact HUB
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End of the year surprise - Stanislav Grof in Hungary again!

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Integral Psychology Program (in Hungarian)

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Stainslav Grof in Budapest
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Irini Rockwell - Five wisdom energy
A world famous American trainer in Budapest

In the Tibetian personal types - body, facial expressions, emotions. How can we identify these? Get to know it!
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Why women can't hear what men don't say?
Exlusive interview with Dr. Warren Farrel

Bence Gánti's exclusive interview with the author of the book who was the formal therapeut of John Lennon.
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